SKI TV started in Australia as the brainchild of former BBC journalist and founder of SNO FM Radio Australia, Geoff Harrison.

After starting a popular online streaming channel network in Australia, Geoff decided to take this concept from Australia and its 9 resorts, to Europe with its 3500 plus ski fields and resorts.

Teaming up with Dutchman Roy ter Haar, who has extensive knowledge of, and connections within the skiing and the winter tourism industry, Geoff and Roy embarked on ski filming trips with their own equipment around Switzerland, France and Austria over a number of years between 2015 -19, filming and collecting original TV content for the proposed channel. SKI TV received tremendous support from ski resorts all over Europe, who realised the need for such a channel. Over the last 5 years they have invested more than £200,000 into developing the idea, securing access to video platforms and producing content, as well as developing respect within the winter sports industry and a professional reputation with many of the main resorts and ski industry professionals. This has helped them to secure agreed partnerships with many content suppliers and access to key winter events.

In late 2018, SKI TV was awarded an Ofcom broadcast licence enabling it to broadcast on satellite TV in the UK and online platforms, across Europe and worldwide.

In May 2019 Mark Dodd, a highly experienced media executive with extensive international TV, marketing, online and social media experience joined the management team. Mark was the founder of Real Estate TV in 2003 and set up Sweetweets a social media agency. For the last 5 years he has been CEO of GBTIMES Media Ltd, a Finnish owned media company with a network of TV, radio and digital marketing platforms across Europe and China.

SKI TV is now streaming a limited service of original programming and acquired content supplied by partners. The OTT platform operator has been chosen, with a launch during the early summer, offering a freemium model. “Ski Free” will consist of a linear stream of limited content offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities to snow sport and tourism brands and include content that engages and feeds the hunger for snow sports for an unserved ABC1 audience and encourage these viewers to learn more, buy equipment (via ski shopping and our direct partnerships) and book ski trips through direct partnerships, combined with SKI TV’s resort guides and lifestyle videos.

Along with this and linear streamed content, SKI TV will also offer a subscription service offering exclusive videos on demand combined with memberships pack of value added services such as the “Altitude Ski Discount card” accepted in more than 520 ski resorts worldwide. In addition, a percentage of the membership will also be donated to Snow Camp, a UK registered charity supporting disadvantaged young people, training them to ski and also teach in the industry. The service will be available from launch on Freeview in the Manchester region, and also nationwide via Freeview connect via all smart TVs as well as being rolled out internationally across other OTT platforms, such as Roku and Amazon FireTV, before Autumn 2019.

SKI TV is a registered trademark in Australia, the UK, all European countries and the USA.

Once the channel has successfully secured a loyal audience it will be able to launch on SKY TV to broadcast across the UK and Europe as the company holds a TLCS broadcasting licence for the entire European zone. Our SKY TV launch is on hold until October 31st, 2019 when the implications for satellite broadcast in Europe is clearer regarding the Brexit issue. SKI TV is also expected to launch into the Chinese market in the lead up to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.




67 million skiers mostly skiing Europe.


1.5 million skiers, mostly skiing Europe.


USA & Canada

9.78 million skiers, mostly skiing USA/Canada.

Asia & Australasia

10 million active skiers, mostly skiing southern hemisphere, Australia/New Zealand, Chile, Argentina & Japan/Korea.


SKI TV's mission is to become the foremost video based hub for all world skiers, snowboarders and all snow based activities, lifestyle programming, catering directly to this large and affluent audience, serving both the audience and industry in the world ski market.


Red Bull Media

Ski Club of Great Britain,


Faction Collective


Freeride World Series.


Both content supply and long-term support has been confirmed with the partners above and more. Ski Club of Great Britain alone has 65,000 subscribers and has agreed to supply and support this venture, Red Bull is to supply content, along with numerous other snow sport industry suppliers and resorts. Hearst publishing have also offered 3 months free subscription of select magazine titles for members of the subscription service.


SKI TV Limited UK is now inviting interested investors to share in our journey. It is currently securing SEIS status. Funding requirements in first stage are circa £500,000 to fund:

  • Content production – Unique ski resort and event based content for the premium SKI TV service
  • Content Acquistion – Additional snow based and lifestyle series to be acquired
  • Technology and Distribution – OTT platform design and distribution to platforms, increase functionality of website and enable paygate and transactional ecommerce features.
  • Marketing – primarily for paid for digital and social media marketing, combined with unpaid organic social media inlfuencer campaigns and content marketing strategy.