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Our Mission

SKI TV's mission is to become the foremost video based hub for all world skiers, snowboarders and  snow based sporting fans, offering resort  guides, holidays and lifestyle programming about the world's ski market.

Our Story

We have spent five years developing what we think, are the world's best ski TV programmes, videos and amazing ski offers to our members.

Meet the Team

We are passionate about skiing and snow sports and bringing our passion to life, so that audiences around the world can feed their hunger for skiing and snow sports all year round.


Geoff Harrison


Geoff is an experienced media professional and founder with a background with the BBC, Australian and Swedish major radio stations and networks. Also runs the SKI TV master control broadcast center during northern and southern ski seasons. Responsible for management, investor relations, programming and live broadcast operations.

Mark Dodd COO

Mark Dodd


Mark is an experienced media executive with extensive knowledge of launching and managing international media companies

Next Steps...

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